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Where to check an estate agency?

Working with an estate agency should be preceded by an appropriate verification of its services. This minimises the risk of being dissatisfied with it. Where to check an estate agency? What to look out for? How can you tell a good agent? This piece provides answers to these and other questions.

How do I check an estate agency?

We generally sell a property once in our lifetime. We usually buy for years, and often even for life. As a result, few people can find the perfect flat on their own or adapt their own in the right way to get the highest price for it. Lack of experience in this area means that more and more people are now outsourcing such matters to professional estate agencies. Where can I get information on the quality of service provided by an estate agent?
To begin with, it is worth discussing the subject with friends who have already used this type of assistance. Their reviews should be more reliable than those found online. Of course, the online ones posted on Facebook or local information websites (e.g. www.trojmiasto.pl) cannot be ignored either. Thanks to the reviews of people who have already used the services of a given agency, it is possible to find out how cooperation works in practice and whether this picture is consistent with what an agency has included in its offer.

How can you tell a good estate agency?

Checking reviews among friends and online should only be the first step in finding a good estate agency. Next, you should personally verify this information. It is worth visiting the agency's website (for example) and social media profiles to assess its quality. Nice and professional property photos are a must. By reviewing them, you can judge whether a particular agency can highlight the advantages of your property and describe it in a way that encourages buying it. At this stage, you can see the commitment of the agency and the technologies it uses. Using drone footage or offering a virtual tour of the flat can be attractive. If the property looks like it does in the catalogues, it can be assumed that the agent offers a home staging service, i.e. preparing the flat for sale and a photo shoot.
The final check is to make direct contact with the agent. You can see another property to see how clients are treated and whether you like how the property is showcased. Such a visit requires you to take your time, but it is the best way to assess how an estate agency works and what it will offer prospective buyers of your flat, house or land.

Firstly, meeting client needs

Once you have thoroughly vetted the estate agency, you should arrange a meeting with their representative to find out what they can offer you as a seller. During such a conversation, you can quickly assess whether the agent cares only about the commission and the quick signing of the contract or whether they will strive to know and satisfy your needs. At Home Asset, we never sign a contract at the first meeting with the client, as this is dedicated to getting to know the property and discussing the expectations of working together. We need to know everything about a flat, house or land to showcase it professionally and sell it well.
Fruitful cooperation with an estate agency is possible thanks to prior verification of its services. It is well worth your time as it can affect the sale of your property.

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