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Buying a flat through an estate agency

Buying the flat of your dreams can be quite a challenge. Every day, new properties come on the market for sale. Finding "the one" in the maze of offers can be troublesome and time-consuming. This can be simplified by employing the services of an estate agency that has the necessary experience in screening ads for given requirements. Of course, such cooperation also brings other benefits. What kind? You'll read about this later in this article.

What does it look like to work with an estate agency when looking for a flat?

It is safe to assume that each time is different, but certain frameworks define such cooperation. When deciding to use the services of an agent, the client should make an appointment with the agent for an initial meeting to get to know each other and present their needs. At Home Asset, we never sign a contract with a client at the first meeting, as we use this meeting to get to know their preferences in detail and present our methods. The client has time to decide on cooperation; if this is the case, the next step is to sign the contract. It must specify in detail, among other things, the parameters of the flat sought, the client's preferences and details of the billing for services rendered.
Once the contract is signed, the actual work for the client begins. The client receives up-to-date information on the flat search progress, and the offers presented by the agency are filtered according to the client's requirements. At Home Asset, we care about client satisfaction, which is why we select only the best properties. If the client is interested, we arrange an inspection of the property and accompany the client there, providing advice and experience. Our involvement does not end with finding the flat, as we stay with the client until the transaction is finalised, helping them with the formalities or obtaining a mortgage.

Why is it worth buying a flat with an estate agency?

More and more people realise that employing an agent to sell a flat allows you to sell it at a higher price. Looking through the property adverts, you will notice that, on average, every second one is put up by an estate agency. You need to ask yourself: as an average person not professionally involved in the property market, am I able to negotiate a reasonable purchase price when dealing with an agent working for the seller? Or would it be better to employ professionals to inspect the property thoroughly, present arguments for reducing the price and help with the formalities? The answer is probably obvious, as negotiations between agencies will go more smoothly than between an individual buyer and an estate agency.
Additional advantages of buying a flat with an estate agency are, above all, time-saving and access to offers exclusively aimed at agents, e.g. in the MLS system. At Home Asset, we are also responsible for verifying the legal and factual status of the flat and assisting with the handover of the property. All this increases the security of the entire transaction, and you know that a lot of money is at stake.
Only those who have already used the services of professional agents know how much cooperation with an agency increases the likelihood of finding a dream property offer. How many pitfalls there are when buying a property is known only to those who have tried to do it themselves and, unfortunately, had bad luck.

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