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Sale of a flat through an estate agency

Selling a flat is just as difficult as buying one. Estate agencies can help and quickly find a buyer thanks to the experience of their employees. Expertise in the industry enables making transactions at a better price than in an individual sale. What are the benefits of signing a contract with an estate agency? What does working with Home Asset look like?

How do I find a good estate agency?

A good estate agency has, first and foremost, experienced staff with skills verified in practice. When looking for a reliable agent, it is advisable to be guided by the reviews of people who have already used their services. As Home Asset, we can boast nearly 200 positive reviews, which confirm that the professionalism and experience of our advisors are worth trusting.
When choosing an estate agency, you should also check whether it operates legally. The Deregulation Act removed the obligation to hold an estate agent's licence as of 1 January 2014, but anyone providing such services should be entered in the Central Register of Estate Agents. The estate agent should also have professional liability insurance. Any person working as an estate agent must have full legal capacity, liability insurance and a clean record concerning certain offences. At Home Asset, we care about both the satisfaction of our clients and the compliance with all formalities that allow us to operate legally.

Advantages of selling a flat through an estate agency

The sale of a flat through an estate agency makes it possible to get a higher price, thanks to the agent's appropriate marketing activities, negotiating skills and knowledge of how to present the property favourably in the eyes of buyers. In addition to reaching the agency's clients, using the services of professionals also means saving time, as it is the agent who is responsible for direct contacts with prospective buyers or arranging official documents (under a power of attorney).
At Home Asset, we keep a close eye on the property market. We react quickly and flexibly to changes in the sales conditions so that our clients can sell their flats quickly, safely and at the best price.
The client is our partner, and we work with them on the sale. And we treat the estate agency contract as a business contract, which we shape with equality of parties. The contract is the final stage for us to establish a relationship. We don't come to the first meeting with a contract but want to get to know your property and your needs. Only after that we can talk about the possibility of cooperation on the sale.

An estate agency has greater technological capabilities

As a specialised company, an estate agency has greater technical capabilities and the ability to create a visually appealing offer. At Home Asset, we focus on quality and the latest technologies. Preparing the flat for a professional photo shoot and the shoot itself, combined with a virtual tour and drone footage, is supposed to show all the assets of the property and the area in which it is located.
We attach great importance to preparing a description of the offer that matches the strategy and selecting the best photos from the photographer. It is also important to choose marketing activities and sales channels, starting with the MLS (system for exchanging exclusive offers by agents), through property websites and finally, social media. These activities aim to sell the flat quickly and safely, at a price agreed with its current owner.
Working with an estate agency can be very fruitful, provided you rely on professionals such as Home Asset. We form an experienced team whose most important message is – we sell properties with quality.

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